1878 Haversack Strap

Quality 7-8 ounce harness leather, evenly skived.

Hand stained black, on the hair side and edges only, then  oiled twice with neetsfoot oil.

Strap edges slicked.  

Keepers are hand sewn with linen thread, eight stitches per inch according to specification.

All solid brass hardware, including the manufactured in house adjusting and attachment hooks .

1878 Haversack Strap1878 Haversack Strap

1878 Haversack Strap - strap end detail
1878 Haversack Strap - hand sewn keepers

1878 Haversack Strap - adjustment hook detail1878 Haversack Strap - adjustment hook detail

1878 Haversack Strap - attachment hook detail
1878 Haversack Strap - sling hook detail

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